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7 Common Mistakes of Self-Published Authors

It's easier than ever to publish a book on your own. With marketplaces such as Kindle, you can self-publish for free and not spend months or years on sending your manuscript to publishers and agents. Self-publishing is quite liberating as it allows you, the author, to take control of the process and not depend

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8 Affordable Marketing Ideas For Indie Authors

Indie authors are writers who self-publish their books. Instead of having a publishing company financially backing their titles, the costs of editing, creating a book cover and marketing their books fall on them. With typically small budgets to start with, much of the total available assets for publishing are placed into editing and creating

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7 Types of Books You Can Create for Kindle

Direct publishing on Kindle is one of the best ways to leverage the huge Amazon platform to build an audience. Amazon is the most popular place to buy e-books, with the ability to quickly publish and promote your output. While many publishers are creative fiction writers, there are others who primarily want to develop

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Saigon Signages Collection

"On the streets you look at girls – I look at type!" German typographer Hannes von Döhren has said. Folks working in graphic design will feel this, not only on the streets, but everywhere they go. There are fonts that define

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Book Design Inspiration – In Progress – Jessica Hische

General info Book title: In Progress – See Inside a Lettering Artist’s Sketchbook and Process from Pencil to Vector Author: Jessica Hische Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC Available formats: Hardcover & Kindle About The Author If you’re calligrapher or hand letterer, you definitely knew Jessica Hische already. If you’re a graphic

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