Direct publishing on Kindle is one of the best ways to leverage the huge Amazon platform to build an audience. Amazon is the most popular place to buy e-books, with the ability to quickly publish and promote your output. While many publishers are creative fiction writers, there are others who primarily want to develop additional streams of income. If you don’t have an idea for an e-book, though, it can be tricky to get started. The following examples are all being published within the Kindle marketplace, offering the chance to develop a number of popular books that bring in recurring revenue.

The key to financial freedom and great wealth is a person’s ability or skill to convert earned income into passive income and/or portfolio income. ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Illustrated Books

Illustrated books come in a variety of styles, but the appeal is the high-quality visuals. While many of these books are aimed at children, some topics appeal to adults as well. A book about art, for example, would be significantly enhanced with illustrations. Topics like gardening and nature can benefit from a different approach from typical stock images. Having great idea and story to tell but no drawing skill? Fiverr is a marketplace where you can find true talented artists with reasonable prices with proper research.

Educational Books

You could make educational books for a host of topics, possibly outsourcing content to experts. Long and detailed books are harder to create, but there is plenty of demand for more straightforward subjects that focus on a single element. Introductory guides can be short and focus on basic knowledge, targeting topics like space, motivation, public speaking, fitness, and more.

Children’s Books

There is a huge market for children’s books on Kindle, with parents often making impulse buys. It is essential to target different age groups, ensuring the information is not too basic or complicated for the audience. Quality books for children will usually contain lots of imagery to maintain interest, while fun, humor, and games can be useful approaches.


Planners can be easy to create, and there is a high demand for them on Amazon. A planner could be for those who need help with dieting, budgeting, school work, and holiday schedules. You can add additional value, though, by including useful information that helps the user. A diet planner, for example, could consist of healthy recipes and motivational advice.


The major publishers add their comic books and graphic novels to Kindle, creating additional sources of income. Independent publishers can benefit from this interest by developing comics of their own, typically outsourcing the visual art to designers. Trying to compete with popular names will be difficult, but you can find your niche with short stories for children or educational comics

Public Domain Books

There are countless numbers of books that are no longer copyrighted, giving anyone the ability to publish them. One of the main source my clients use is Project Gutenberg, for example. It is essential to do proper research before you consider publishing any public domain content, though, to ensure you have the legal right to do so. If you want to stand out, make sure your version of the book is of the highest quality, possibly adding a unique introduction or developing a collection of books.


Travel guides are popular on Kindle as you can access the information without needing to take a physical book with you. There is plenty of information online about every town and city around the world, the best of which you can curate for a guide. If you are visiting a city yourself, you could create a more personal guide by sharing your own experiences and taking your own photographs.

Most of these books are easy to create, so you could quickly build a small publishing business. If you don’t want to create the products yourself, you can outsource the work and spend the time marketing your existing ebooks. The books themselves can often feel fairly simple, but there is a high demand for planners, comics, and educational books that appeal to children. Amazon is one of the most popular sites online, so a quality book can quickly find an audience and provide sales on an ongoing basis.